Download the game executable from here !

Welcome to the "Yeeting Over It - Better Together Edition" page ! It's a game made during the #MixAndGameJam 2019. It's a try at recreating the main mechanic of Getting Over It, but in 3D. 

The concept is simple, you have to reach the last platform of the level to find your true nature : Your spirit animal. To achieve this goal you'll have to struggle with your mouse and keyboard to yeet between platforms as you discover yourself in this experience.

We hope you'll have fun playing our game, good luck !

This project is created by Mathis Abdou, Ronan Cassault & Alex Doumenq, three young students in computer sciences.  Find out more of our projects on My WebSite (

-- Credits -- 
Sound effects & Music :
Air in F Major, BWV Anh II 131 - JC Bach - 
Our wonderful french voices
Typography : 
Zing Rust : - Stan Partalev, Svet Simov 
Montserrat : 
Assets :


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I... won.  Wow.  Took a while according to this.

That was a decent setup.  Nicely done.  Some of it was a bit wonky, but as you pointed out previously, you're aware of this.  Still fun.  Good work.

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow, I'm impressed ! The only other one I know which succeeded is @alexcommil, one of the devs. 

Know that you can participate in the notation for the game for the Mix And Game Jam HERE

Amazing, thank you !


And... rated.  Good luck in the jam.

you might wanna check your physics

Hi, I know that 😁

This game has been created during the Mix And Game Jam, and I still cannot update as the time of writing this, since it's still in the voting phase. Some thigs had to be rushed, sorry 😅

Thanks for your comment. You can still rate it until sunday HERE

can you at least upload the ending or something? i hate not knowing game endings, and from what i see there is no way i can beat this game with the broken physics

@alexcommil finished the game with the broken physics. Here's what you find at the end.